Our trees

We have been passionate about Christmas trees for the last 30 years, but over that time the trend in trees has changed from traditional trees (Norway Spruce) to (Nordmanndii), even so over the years it has always been important to hand select the trees that are to be harvested each year.

At H.S. Hommers we pride ourselves on supplying the best trees that we can source each year from all over Europe. This is important because sometimes extreme climate conditions during a year can cause problems to trees.

All our trees are nursery grown and harvested, and are maintained throughout the year. It is important to keep plantations weed free, as this can cause needle drop from lower branches.

Our trees include a selection of Norway Spruce, Norman Fir, Pine Fraser Fir, Blue Spice as well as our potted trees; Spruce, Norman, Blue Spruce and Noble.

Plant Nursery West Midlands
Plant Nursery West Midlands
Plant Nursery West Midlands

Quality, variety and value

Over recent years it has become important to have a selection of trees that have a slimmer habit for smaller rooms in homes. We have managed to develop plantaions through careful pruning and spraying, whilst still retaining the natural elegance of the tree.

We are well-known across the UK for the quality, variety and value of our trees. Should you require a bespoke order, please get in touch and we will be happy to mix sizes and variety.